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Week 2 Goals and Journal

Week 2 S.M.A.R.T. Goals:

  1. Start the 3D model and CAD design by starting the sketches and initial concepts, incorporating feedback from advisors, and establishing a proper fusion 360 project.
  2. Actively assist a peer with an aspect of their project something like troubleshooting code, providing design suggestions, or conducting a peer review, ensuring that the assistance has a measurable impact on the overall project quality and progress.
  3. Complete the remaining sections of the blog with the aim of publishing the finalized blog within the next week.


I have gotten a good face plate designed and I plan on 3 printing it as a plate so I can phsyicaly see how I like the scale and layout of the buttons.

I'm pretty happy about this design and I'm purchasing more filament print the test plate.